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Building the smart retail environment

Everyday, billions of data points are generated throughout the retail ecosystem, data that could dramatically improve the retail execution and add value to store managers, CPG producers and ultimately to the consumers on the shop floor. 

Our vision is to bring to life the smart retail environment. 

An environment in which intelligent shelves track the movement of stock in real time, computer vision captures shopping behavior insights and machine learning uncovers hidden acquisition patterns.

At Strix we’re building the end-to-end solution that is transforming retail execution through connected hardware, powerful software, rich data visualization tools and mobile field agents directed by our proprietary AI for Retail precisely where their action will generate the highest impact for your business.

 Join us in building the retail of the 21st century.    



Corina Chiorean


Corina is a preeminent figure in the Romanian retail marketing industry, having led the digital transformation of g7, the second largest RM agency on the market. She is in charge with Innovation within the pan-European EFMP association and has a background in finance.

marius postolache


Marius is an accomplished engineer with key skills in machine vision and a complete knowledge of programming languages and hardware architecture. Previously, Marius has worked with online security companies and has a military background.