AI powered


Strix proprietary Snsory system is a continuous developing technology stack that brings together under a single platform a sensors based IoT retail environment, computer vision and biometric recognition software, machine learning and rich data visualization tools. Take advantage of our  flexible infrastructure that digitizes the store and brings at your fingertips, the decision maker, shelf-level insights that empower you to optimally coordinate the dynamics on the shop floor.

Sensors Array


Our smarts shelves are ready to be deployed in any retail environment and the integrated smart weight sensors circuit can capture stock movement of the shelf with a precision of 0.1 grams per square centimeter.

Machine Learning


Every shopper interaction with the shelf is captured in a database that feeds our machine learning algorithms. They are designed to uncover hidden acquisition patterns that can set up your business to success.



Our computer vision software takes a step further in making sense of live video streams from the shop floor, by acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, in order to produce structured data from the real world.



With the Snsory system you are always in the driver seat, with a customisable dashboard that feeds your desired KPIs with real time data from all the smart shelfs installed in your retail ecosystem, a dashboard accessible 24/7 through the mobile device of your choice.